Pay By Scan (PBS) – Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) – Solutions Spotlight

Pay By Scan (PBS) – Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) – Solutions Spotlight

The back office pay by scan posts inventory to each store as orders are posted as shipped. Inventory control in back office is used to manage and adjust store inventory in the back office desktop system of SBI.

Gain control of your pay by scan accounts to improve profits.

  • Store-based inventory is updated automatically when shipping to store
  • EDI imports of 850 will reduce store inventory
  • Quickly look up current in stock quantities of any ship-to location
  • Modify store inventory using inventory control, or handhelds in the field
  • Full reporting on PBS issues

*Add on to consider – Replenishment Module:
Use the Replenishment module with PBS module to quickly generate replenishment orders based on last two weeks of sales history, previous years sale history and current weather conditions. Apply additional user defined criteria to modify replenishment results and give you the ability to fine tune the replenishment process.

*Add on to consider – Merchant App:
Give merchants the ability to adjust store inventory live from phone, tablet or laptop.

Pay by scan shipment

Home Depot PBS

Pay by scan invoice from EDI

Pay by scan credit 812

Pay by scan manage inventory on desktop

Pay by scan audit log

Pay by scan for Home Depot