Your Guide to SBI Software

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Your Guide to SBI Software

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SBI offers fully-integrated software packages for growers of all sizes. We are in the business of building software specifically for the green industry. As a company, we are always looking for ways to improve the business process for growers and find solutions to grower-specific problems. We develop software tools that streamline your business process.

We offer software solutions and tools for greenhouses, young plant growers, box stores, and bolt-on apps (or mobile apps) for real time mobile reporting.

Go Mobile with SBI Mobile Tools

One of our most recent projects is Beacon, a live supply chain network for the green industry featuring all digital purchasing of seeds, cuttings, plugs, and liners live in the SBI system, accessible to all SBI clients. You can sign up for Beacon now.

View the Beacon handout.

Our software is used by some of the largest growers in the country. Watch the Color Point Order Fulfillment Time Lapse video.

About the SBI Team

SBI has the largest tech and support team dedicated to growers. We offer live expert support 24/7/365. We even host Super User Training Sessions four times a year, where our clients visit SBI headquarters to be trained on all aspects of the software.

We are the only fully-integrated software package, configurable to support your wholesale or retail growing operation, from seen to sale. We Get It. We Do It. We Care.

SBI Team brainstorming sessions.
SBI Team brainstorming sessions.

What we do

We offer a host of tools for growers and big retail suppliers. Here are just a few:

Mobi Merchandiser – One login. One platform. Gives you visibility & clarity of communication. Direction with accountability. Time keeping with GPS detection.

VMI Mobile – View and adjust PBS inventory from any device. Gain visibility of upcoming shipments, and view live sales history directly in the app.

Replenishment – Get smart with full customization per partner store replenishment. Stop trying to win with manual replenishment. Get technology on your side!

Desktop ERP – A fully integrated backoffice ERP System helps Box Store Suppliers ship more, while spending less. Complete visibility from mobile tools, to unattended EDI cloud.

Beacon Supply Network – Live availability from over 27 different green goods suppliers. Directly integrated with SBI’s Desktop ERP to give growers the most powerful ordering experience yet.

Logistics – Fully integrated load and route building. SBI Logistics tracks Carrier Costs, sends Advanced Shipment Notices, and so much more. Integrated with some of the top routing programs in the industry.

Rack Scanning – One simple scanning app that works as fast as you do. Complete solution for high volume, short window shipping. The best tool on the market to cut order fulfillment costs, and increase accuracy of orders.

RFID Rack Tracking – Get real, unattended rack tracking with SBI’s complete solution. Track where your racks are going automatically with RFID technology.

We offer full software packages to growers of every size of operation, our latest is TRIUMPH 2.0 – our best software system to date. Browse for all of the tools available for growers, greenhouses, young plants, and operations of any scale.

Where to find us

Every year SBI Software exhibits at Cultivate and MANTS trade shows. We host presentations, webinars, and educational sessions on software and technology in the green industry. We have a presence at nearly all other industry trade shows throughout the year. To see our latest activities just visit our news page.

Aaron Allison, Billy Allison, and Zach Winterton at Cutlivate17
Aaron Allison, Billy Allison, and Zach Winterton at Cutlivate17
Charity Prater, Marketing Director in Columbus, Ohio at Cultivate17.
Charity Prater, Marketing Director in Columbus, Ohio at Cultivate17.

What our clients say

Founded in 2000, SBI has worked and grown with many successful operations, spanning 46 states and 5 countries. SBI clients alone are doing 1.2 billion in annual sales.

Read the Case Studies

Color Point Case Study

“SBI Software is as good as it gets!” – Ken VanWinderden

Kawahara Case Study

“We shipped 20% more inventory with the same size team” – Josh Kawahara

Rambo Case Study

“We improved our turnaround to stores, from receiving and ordering to having it pulled and ready to go, by 40%.” – Aaron Price

Sawyer Case Study

Seeing SBI’s software in action is truly fascinating. Watch SBI’s automated seeding line at Plainview Growers.

The latest news

Five Guidelines to Investing in Software for Your Greenhouse – Greenhouse Grower

Software is to a Company Like Soil is to a Plant –

What’s next?

Meet with us at the Production Technology Conference where we’ll be presenting in two educational sessions:

Merchandiser Mobile Apps for Management and in the Field

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 – 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

The importance of software throughout your greenhouse operation

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 – 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

8 Mobile Tools for Growers Webinar

Wednesday, September 13, 2 p.m. EDT

Aaron Allison, SBI

Mobile tools boost business productivity by moving data entry staff out of the back office and onto more productive tasks. Mobile apps extend functionality to your team in the field and deliver real time data to your business. This webinar will provide you with an overview of 8 mobile tools that give growers an edge over their competition, lower labor costs, and streamline business.

(After the conclusion of this live webinar, we’ll be sure to post it live on our website for you to view at a later date.)

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Your Guide to SBI