2 New Triumph Features—Inventory Search & Vertical Compression Graphing

2 New TRIUMPH Features: Inventory Search and Vertical Compression Graphing

You’ve already heard a lot about TRIUMPH, the full-system refactor of SBI Classic. Years worth of grower feedback and suggestions added hundreds of new features and functions to the system, yet in far fewer screens and incredibly user-friendly. Continuing our tour of those new functions, here are two more that will make your life easier:

Inventory Search Configuration. TRIUMPH now has a configuration that lets you search by different field values other than Product ID and Product Description.* TRIUMPH gives you the option to include the following fields:

  • Category
  • Product Description
  • Product Description 2
  • Product ID
  • Size
  • SKU
  • Type

order config search columns - Inventory Search Configuration

These settings can be accessed via the Order Configuration section in Order Entry. Click on ‘Advanced Options’, then select ‘Order Configuration’. Once you’re in the order configuration section, select the ‘Product Search Columns’ tab. To include the different fields as part of your inventory search, the check box in the ‘Use In Search’ needs to be selected. We make it easier and faster for you to access the specific information you need.

Vertical Compression. If you have two types of product already planned for same start week but entered as separate production plan lines, you can condense them into one production line for start and finish, then export the process as a graph. Check it out:

vertical compression production graph Vertical Compression

Export any production schedule as a graph, adjust the graph as needed, then use the graph to visually identify scheduled production steps. It’s another way SBI Software’s TRIUMPH is making your business process easier to track and manage.

* Based on user permissions—not every user has permissions to access this function, or change the configurations within product search.